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Japanese Knotweed Management services include identification; here Japanese knotweed can clearly be identified from its distinctive zig zag leaf structure

Japanese Knotweed Management services

  • Japanese knotweed removal –  We offer a complete service; from initially clarifying the identity of potential infestations of Japanese knotweed, to working with our clients in order to establish an appropriate and cost effective management plan. Further to eradicating or removing the weed, we set up a monitoring process for a minimum of two years to ensure no future re-growth.
  • Bamboo  – In addition to Japanese knotweed eradication and removal, we also specialise in the removal of bamboo. This plant is frequently found in both residential and private gardens; the roots can spread far from the plant, which can result in bamboo taking over a garden or site. Like Japanese knotweed, bamboo spreads through the rhizome (root system), it therefore needs to be dealt with effectively from the root up. If you have a problem with unwanted or quick spreading bamboo, please call, email or complete our contact form.

Additional services provided:

  • Site Clearance – in addition to Japanese knotweed removal, we are able to clear sites of any shape and size
  • Garden Design – including the planting of shrubs and trees

Identifying Japanese knotweed

If you need assistance identifying Japanese knotweed, feel free to email a photo to our team at management@jkmknotweed.com

How we treat it

There are many ways of eradicating and effecting safe removal of Japanese knotweed. Although it is a pretty plant, if you find it in your garden, site or premises, you would be strongly advised to deal with it. It can spread into rapidly neighbouring locations, and it is an offence to allow the spread of Japanese knotweed into the wild.

Initially, having confirmed the presence of Japanese knotweed, we present clients with a list of ways to eradicate the problem. The treatments vary in style and cost, for every single site. We will discuss with you the specific situation, explaining everything clearly and precisely, including the associated costs. The treatments range from spraying, stem injecting, through to full excavation including all of the contaminated soil.

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